SuperEasy Mouse Tracker

How far does your mouse run in one day?


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SuperEasy Mouse Tracker is a curious little tool that lets you know how far your mouse cursor runs in one day, or what the maximum speed you usually move it at.

The application has a very simple interface that only shows you the information you need. Configuration options are limited to choosing the measurement unit, the interface's color, and the size of the monitor you are using.

On the statistics window, however, you have way more material. You can see the highest mouse movement speed you've ever achieved, the distance covered that day, last month's covered distance, or the greatest distance covered in a single day. All of these come with a graph so it’s easier to see.

SuperEasy Mouse Tracker is a tool whose usefulness is, quite questionable at best; because even if the data might be interesting to see, it's far from useful.
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